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Sarah Morrison is a trained Team Teach tutor who recieves excellent feedback from the Team Teach courses delivered to both SEN and Mainstream education professionals.


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For those new to Team Teach the information below gives an overview, alternatively please follow the link to the Team Teach website. The qualifications are fully accredited and provide proven skills to reduce challenging behaviour.





Team Teach aim:


Through risk and restraint reduction, to support teaching, learning and caring, by increasing staff confidence and competence, in responding to behaviours that challenge, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships.


Our method: providing behaviour support training for child and adult services, designed to reduce anxiety, risk and restraint. For more information, see links: "Keypoints About Training" and "Training Options".


Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) approaches are entirely compatible with Team-Teach. PBS describes well how the 95% of Team-Teach is being applied in good practice settings for people with intellectual disabilities. It is a framework encompassing a range of recognised good practices, rather than one exclusive, prescriptive, therapeutic approach. Good practice is developing all the time in this area


Team Teach results:


Team - Teach training has received the highest level of award in the U.K - a National Training Award - This government supported award is presented to entries who have demonstrated exceptional achievement through training and development. Judges were impressed by the support infrastructure and the robust quality control and assurance processes. They observed that it was a clearly needed service and its innovative approaches have delivered significant benefits to schools/services and local authorities/employers.


Head teachers & Education Leaders need to see beyond the words: restraint and physical intervention and appreciate how their staffing team and structure will benefit from all staff understanding that behaviour is a language, often mismanaged because of a failure in understanding and communication.

Therefore, our preferred and recommended training model, providing the highest level of safeguarding, is for all staff to receive training:


Option 1 : a 6 hour "Foundation" course (to reduce foreseeable low "mainstream" risk)


Option 2: a 12 hour "Basic" course (to reduce foreseeable medium "special service" risk) and where supported through evidenced health and safety needs, additional advanced modules (to reduce foreseeable elevated risk).



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