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SLW Training & Consultancy Ltd was founded by Sarah Morrison. Since then, we have become your expert and efficient partner for all training & consultancy services your company may need. Our network gives our clients access to professionals with expertises built up over at least 10 years in their given industry.


Areas of expertises:


Education - Delivering both accredited and client specifc training to all education professionals. Working within mainstream and SEN our partnerships have supported the development of staff and students to facilitate greater learning opportunities and greater focus on the education goals in place.


Recruitment - Supporting companies to strengthen their recruitment strategies and appointments, delivering bespoke recruitment projects and temporary solutions, including succession planning.


Management Consultancy - Professional services, Legal, Banking & Insurance and Public sector consultancy.


Training - Client specific courses, Core business skill courses and workshops tailored to clients needs and development plans.


SLW Training & Consultancy Ltd has a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation resulting from many years of building relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. Our collaborative, fresh and determined  approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex problems.

Testimonials ...


"excellent training sessions for our business and made sure all new starters felt welcome and had the skills necessary to do their job properly. Friendly, professional and approachable"


Divisional Operations Manager - Capita Plc


"Sarah delivers training courses and workshops in a way that is very appealing to the learner and provides the best possible environment for improvement.
Sarah's dedication is unquestionable and her variety of talents when dealing with people in a training setting always impressed me. The passion Sarah shows is a real inspiration and her subject knowledge ia also a real boost to the value gained when Sarah delivered any course material.
The extra mile was a journey Sarah made many times and this was always appreciated"

Director - GM L & D


"... great 'eye for detail' which is complimented by excellent communication skills. ... the ability to tell someone they are being stupid without making them feel undermined and little and this ability helps her to gets the best out of individuals. Fundamentally a deep sense of justice helps them to make long lasting, effective, relationships."

Director - NLP Ltd

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